COMO, UNESCO Creative City candidate

The city of Como is pursuing the ambitious project of applying for the UNESCO “Creative Cities Network” for the “Crafts & Folk Art” sector for silk.

The project “Como Unesco Creative City Candidate” has obtained the official sponsorship of the Municipality of Como and is supported, among other organizations, by Confindustria Como.

The silk industry in Lombardy has a very long tradition and Como is known as the world capital of silk and excellence of Made in Italy based on the mastery of weaving, printing and silk production on the Lake. The project logo is in fact a thin thread of blue silk, which becomes a light and elegant texture, caresses and envelops the letters of the word Como and, recalling a warp, draws the waves of the lake in a perfect ideal union with the city.

ETA, as an associate of Confindustria Como and as a testimony of its attention to territorial initiatives, wishes to become the promoter of the candidacy of the City.