E DUP Double Layer Protection

Cabinets, boxes and enclosures in general are often used with complex plant or machinery.

Ensuring these products maintain their aesthetic appearance and functionality over time is fundamental in sustaining the quality and value of the whole plant.

In its continuous quest to improve its products, ETA wanted to perfect sheet metal protection with a double layer treatment, a process called E DUP (Double layer protection): the first layer is cataphoresis, a process borrowed from the automotive industry, which for the first time world-wide is being used on electrical enclosures. The second layer is the finish.

The project for the system was developed in line with ETA’s independently defined environmental guidelines for its designers: the lowest possible energy consumption, all construction materials must be recyclable, very low water consumption and limited environmental impact.

Ensuring it was possible to apply the treatment to all ETA’s painted steel sheet products, in a continuous cycle and with extremely high levels of quality assurance, was a challenging project.

This has been a real team effort involving the companies productiong the system and its components, the liquid suppliers’ laboratories, ETA painting department managers and specialised ETA Next techincians. ETA Next is ETA’s research centre which, thanks to its specialised equipment and highly qualified personnel, was able to assist in the start-up phase of the system and guarantee its efficiency in continuous production with periodic testing.

ETA painted products are featured by a double treatment.

E DUP (Double Layer Protection) painting cycle includes a first coat of Cathodic Electrocoat Epoxy Resin and a topcoat with ETA standard powder coating.

Only ETA provides this to offer “unique products”.

Our technical and sales team is at your disposal to provide additional information.

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