New Innovative Solutions Overview

The new version of Innovative Solutions Overview brochure is available for download.

You can find a first introductory part focusing on some new features (company profile and milestones, ETA Next, E DUP, Atex and E COR) and a second technical-descriptive part with products description. Compared to the previous version, ENERPOWER and ABACUS are also included.

Innovative Solutions Overview is actually more complete, with the addition of detailed descriptions and images in order to explain production processes and product processing phases.

A special mention is given to the section dedicated to the new Calamus online configurator that allows to select, configure and customize the E COR box in order to obtain offers and availability in real time.

The sections regarding ENERPOWER and ABACUS have been also expanded: as for ENERPOWER, images and descriptions concerning POWER CENTER, MOTOR CONTROL CENTER and BT SECONDARY DISTRIBUTION solutions have been added, while ABACUS presents ABACUS ESSE range of solutions with IP20 protection rating.

Download the brochure for more details!