New packaging for ETA enclosure solutions

Different environments and applications require ad hoc product solutions, made with specific materials and dedicated manufacturing concepts.

ETA enclosure solutions, so far supplied with green packaging and ETA logo all-over, gradually from September 2019 and complying with our stock management, will be supplied with a new packaging:

– LIGHT BLUE packaging with all-over ETA logo for AISI304L / AISI316L stainless steel products

– GREEN packaging with all-over ETA logo for the rest of the products

Why two colors? To differentiate materials, products and applications.

Why these color variations?

– Green: corporate color chosen to identify the solutions that represent our core business

– Light blue: in its most delicate sky blue color, it conveys an idea of ​​purity, cleanliness and essentiality, typical elements of stainless steel solutions and relative environments.

The item identification label, applied externally on the pack, will be distinguished by a colored upper band:

– BLUE color band for AISI304L stainless steel products

– YELLOW color band for AISI316L stainless steel products

All our products are related to descriptive labels of the product in Italian and English.

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