Product Updates

  • Technical update

ETA, which has always been attentive to the compliance of its product solutions with industry standards and regulations, maintains one of its strategic pillars: the products are at the center of continuous research in order to guarantee high performance levels even in challenging applications.

Here below the main novelties:

Compliance of electrical products for import in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan (Certificate ЕАЭС N RU Д-IT.НХ37.В.03143.20)

Compliance with Division 2 class 1 and 2 according to USA and Canadian standards in Hazardous locations for E NUX Solutions Type4 or 4x (Intertek, Certificate 200017553UDI-ETL_rev_200630_ATM)

“Class” represents the potentially explosive agent (Gas or Dust); “Division” represents the areas where an explosive atmosphere might be present:

Class 1: Flamable gas, vapours, and liquids (Gas)

Class 2: Combustible dusts (Dust)

Division 1: Flammable substances are continually present or are likely to exist under normal operating conditions.

Division 2: Flammable substances are not likely to exist under normal operating conditions.

UL certification Type 3R (protection against rain) for E COR solutions with single and double door. The inner label stuck on the product door has been updated and shows the new rating.


  • Overtemperature calculation

An easy-to-use program to identify the most suitable air conditioning or ventilation unit for your application!

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  • Errata corrige E COR brochure

Page 31 – The cable entry plate ECIF0005 (with 2 entries for ECRM cable plates) is featured by the following dimensional features: E= 310mm F=110.

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