Product Updates

ETA Next is the ETA Research Centre dedicated to Conceiving, Designing and Developing new solutions, with the goal of offering new standard products and solutions, as well as projects dedicated to our Business Partners. A veritable Laboratory of Ideas and Solutions for ETA’s R&D Department, where the customers’ needs can be studied, the projects’ components can be tested (thanks to the production systems entirely dedicated to prototyping and testing), and the most efficient and effective alternatives can be selected.

With the aim of rationalizing our product solutions and offering a functional advantage to our customers, be aware of the following two product updates:


The mounting plate for wall-mounting enclosures manufactured in mild steel and stainless steel AISI304L / AISI316L will be offered in a single version.


Unique management for all ETA wall mounting enclosures

Improved fixing and rapid plate installation thanks to the new manufacturing concept: slotted plate design and stud bolts with spacers

Standard marking for some dimensions, to make wiring operations even easier

Fixing distance and dimensions unchanged.

Since the change does not affect the aesthetics of the product or the “main” functionality of the item, methods of identifying the various versions will not be adopted.

The process of rationalization and improvement of product management will initially impact on a selection of items, to then cover all the dimensions offered in the ETA catalog.


The ETR040 suspension system will no longer be available from January 2020.

Compatibly with the stock, the new ETR045 suspension system will be offered.

Related detailed documentation will be sent as soon as available.





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