Wall-mounting boxes ECOR

The ETANEXT Research Centre project has led to the creation of the new. The enclosure is produced to INDUSTRY 4.0 criteria to offer you made-to-measure solutions to fit your needs.


STANDARD: from 200 x 300 x 150 to 1200 x 1200 x 300
CUSTOM: from 300 x 300 x 120 to 800 x 1200 x 300 with production “to the millimetre” (maximum depth. 350: 600 x 1000 x 350) with metric or imperial units of measure.


Type and colour of the finish: textured, smooth, polyester, epoxy-polyester, RAL, ANSI, MUNSELL.
Special finishing cycles: specific powder coatings for outdoor applications, increased thicknesses, dual colour (interior/exterior).
Machining and Louvres.
Stud bolts.
Accessory installation.
Silicone gasket.
Thermal calculation.
Ad hoc projects


Dimensions and plate fixing hole centre distances unchanged.
External casing dimensions unchanged.
Wall mounting hole centre distances unchanged

Complying with the main international standards, ECOR boxes protection degree is: IP66 (single blank door and single glazed door) / IP55 (double blak door), Nema 4 (single blank door) / Nema 12 (for double door and glazed door), protection rating ensured by the two-component polyurethane foam gasket, IK10.