Virtual Tour 2020 _ New material and Seismic design

Welcome to this third appointment of our virtual journey complying with our corporate philosophy “Created with passion”.

Increasingly more demanding environments, challenging product applications, high added-value set-ups: three elements that impose continuous and careful assessment of control board performance, protection of the said technological “heart” of the plant.

On monitoring the evolution of the sector in terms of studies and availability of new materials, our ETA Next Research Centre has selected a new cold-rolled alloy steel with a high yield point and with even higher strength values with respect to the steel currently used.

From the collaboration with Fondazione Eucentre (Laboratory for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology – University of Pavia) and CESI, a study dedicated to modelling with elastic response spectrums to increase the ETA enclosures offer with seismic design.

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