Solutions certified as Atex and HazLoc embody the requirements of a growing market: the requisites for applications in Potentially Explosive Environments are particularly strict, the related standards are complex, and the installation variables are countless.

The solutions designed by ETA specifically for this market comply with:

Ex = AtEx marking (European Directive).

IECEx = HazLoc marking (global IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission).


  • Certification of system quality guarantee for the processes related to the AtEx product: (UNI EN 13980) relative to the AtEx quality management system (annual inspection) called “Potentially explosive atmospheres: application of quality systems” (certified IMQ10 atex 035 Q).
  • ISO9001 process certification relative to the processing of stainless steel and its transformation into finished products.
  • EC examination type certification for empty casings (IMQ10 atex 037 U certificate).
  • IEC international examination certification (IEC Ex).



  • Self-certification for the other dimensions within the min/max limits: category 3, zone 2, 22.
  • Template different from the standard, but in accordance with the positioning obligations (Instructions)
  • Available in version AISI304L / AISI316L / sheet steel, painted, maximum thickness: 200 microns (with original accessories certified for stainless steel versions)
  • Clients can use the previously marked ETA product as a component and certify ONLY the finished product, without the need to repeat the relative tests (if necessary, it is possible to add thermal tests, if the laboratory selected by the client requires other documents in addition to the thermal tests already carried out and provided by ETA).



The tests the enclosures must pass to obtain the certification include sealing against water and dust. More specifically, talk is introduced into a chamber using pressure. The chamber contains the enclosure, which must be completely sealed so as not to allow the talc in.