Commercial partners

At ETA, we believe in offering more than just the enclosure but a complete system. By partnering with market leading manufacturers we can offer everything from the enclosure to thermal management and Power distribution systems. Details of our partners as follows:

Wöhner stands for competence in the field of busbar system technology, for trailblazing technology and for excellent service. Wöhner covers the whole spectrum in the busbar system technology sector, from analysis of market requirements and customer needs to customised manufacture. They can solve individual problems and offer forward-looking system technology in the areas of distribution-system, control-system and switchgear construction. They have comprehensive coverage of a network of agents in Germany and abroad, operating in more than sixty countries around the globe.


Cosmotec designs, produces and distributes products in the air conditioning and thermal management field, for industry, telecommunications and data centers. All over the world, air-conditioning systems made by Cosmotec are keeping sensitive information and communication technology cool. In data centres and mobile phone stations, they ensure maximum availability with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, Cosmotec precision air conditioning systems and chillers are employed in industrial production and medicine, too.


Offering the very best in non-metallic enclosures produced from ABS and Polyester. A complete range is available from small ABS Enclosures.


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