In 2017, ETA’s HQ was expanded with a new two-story glass building perfectly integrated to the architecture of the existing building and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

On the upper floor, new offices for our constantly growing team. ETA Next occupies the ground floor. ETA Next is a laboratory that can Imagine, Design and Build, with the goal of offering new standard products and solutions as well as projects dedicated to our business partners. A veritable research centre for the R&D Function of ETA, where a client’s every need can be studied, the parts of a project can be tested thanks to the production systems entirely dedicated
to prototypes and testing, and the most efficient and effective alternative can be selected. In  brief, a laboratory of ideas and solutions.

Within ETA Next there is also an entire department dedicated to Quality and Safety, to be on the avant-garde when it comes to certifications and the sector’s regulations and standards, and to respond to the precise and unique market requests, thanks to a dedicated laboratory complete with all necessary tools and equipment.

In order to grow, it is crucial to identify and create a corporate Vision that is in line with the company’s own values and Mission. And while the corporate Vision embodies its dream, what we want our company to be like in the future, Our Dream is beginning to take shape. Our Vision is called ETA NEXT

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