Multiplies the Experience

ETA is the story of a family and a passion.
A story of results that have multiplied over time.
Since 1978, we have been a reference in the global landscape of design, production and distribution of unwired electrical cabinets made of sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
We have always believed in the innovative power of industrial automation.
Starting from today, our experience will be multiplied across 4 market segments.

Solutions for industrial automation
A system of monobloc, modular, compact cabinets, made of low-carbon steel and HSLA steel, delivered as assembled units or in flat-pack, with wall-mount enclosures, terminal boxes, monobloc and modular desks, HMI suspension enclosures, cable conduits, thermal management.

Solutions for harsh environments
Enclosures made of AISI304L and AISI316L stainless steel, alloyed aluminum for outdoor applications, with specific surface treatment, EMC and anti-seismic design.

Solutions for LV power distribution
ENERPOWER range including power center, MCC and secondary distribution cabinets.

Solutions for IT
End-to-end ABACUS system for cabling, server and datacenter applications.