Seismic design

E NUX seismic design

The seismic design study starts from the vulnerability evaluation of the structure located in different geographical scales. Thanks to the activity developed together with the Foundation EUCENTRE Pavia, TREES Lab (Laboratory for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology), we have set the following research activities:
1. Modelling and numerical simulation of the seismic response of two cabinets, in order to study, during the design phase, the behaviour that the systems considered (E NUX with anti-vibration plinth and E NUX with anti-seismic kit) would have manifested towards seismic actions in various geographical areas and on different soils.
2. Seismic simulation of the two cabinets dynamic behaviour on a vibrating table, with experimental tests on structures in order to realize experimental research on prototypes, also in large-scale (both static and dynamic tests).

Three certified technical solutions are available (Basic, Medium and Strong) and are suitable for specific peak acceleration and loads on the mounting plate.