E NUX Suite cabinets

Prodotto_ENUX inoxA wide range of free-standing cabinets designed and manufactured according to the new concepts typical of E NUX in mild steel material: 30 standard dimensions available with blank or plexi door, with single or double door supplied with a rigid structure and available in both AISI304L and AISI316L material. The profile used for uprights and crosspieces is unique, closed with continuous welding and free of sharp edges. The bottom is a single piece with box-type structure made of press-bent welded profiles, while the frame corners are manufactured with AISI316L stainless steel orthogonal joints laser welded to vertical upright rails and horizontal rails for the roof and bottom.

E NUX is offering the technical features introduced with the new stainless steel ranges: performing silicone seal, pre-satin stainless steel door with formed corners and lever-operated handle, componenents manufactured from stainless steel boxes, new packaging.
Front inserted mounting plate EUPA, side panels EUFX, modular plinth EUZX and further accessories to be supplied separately.

Protection rating: IP55, Nema 12, IK10.