E MOX Monobloc cabinets

E MOX is the new range of monobloc enclosure solutions proposed as the effective combination of strength and modularity.

E MOX – offered with a particular front and rear aesthetic profile to comply with E NUX style – is built up with a unique symmetric monobloc structure with top, bottom and side panels welded, and front door provided with an innovative latch system. E MOX is completely compatible with E NUX standard range of accessories: it can be completely customized thanks to the assembly of specific vertical uprights, which allow creating the same inner spaces of E NUX modular cabinet system.

The product philosophy that led the design of E MOX is based on the concepts of time and space, in order to provide the end user with the maximum advantage in terms of optimization and saving. Time: because E MOX is a unique cabinet completely welded, with mounting plate included in the supply and available in 27 standard dimensions. Time: because E MOX is totally compatible with E NUX cabinets in terms of standard components (doors, rear panels, base plates, mounting plate) and inner accessories (profiles, brackets, partial mounting plates, etc). Time: because E MOX is a monobloc shell with modular options.