Modular solutions E NUX

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the cabinet system E NUX and to the compatibility with all ETA accessories, the structure of the cabinet allows the creation of modular solutions for LV energy distribution, both in the assembled or flat-pack version:

  • modular enclosures for LV power distribution with inner doors and front plexi door (or blank door)
  • enclosures with external door modules and fully split cubicles
  • enclosures with multiple doors with several separated cells on a single structure.

Protection rating: IP 55, Nema 12, IK 10 (only for the version provided with front door).

From structure to modular solution, in a few steps:

  1. identification of the configuration based on E NUX cabinet
  2. choice of the cabinet front, by simply selecting doors/panels
  3. choice of the interior.