Rack 19″ / networking solutions E NUX

In full respect of the sustainability and compatibility philosophy, the system of suite cabinets E NUX can be integrated with a range of specific accessories for each solution.

The suite cabinets E NUX “evolves” into solutions for networking through the implementation of a dedicated line of accessories:

  • shelves
  • supports
  • accessories for natural ventilation.

In certain applications, the wide range of 19” components, totally compatible with E NUX, represents the necessary completion of the cabinets:

  • full or partial height 19” rack frames with 90-degree or 180-degree opening
  • 19” rack frames for heavy load fixing
  • 19” rack uprights or system plus
  • rack 19” frames
  • fixed or removable shelves
  • solid or punched 19” rack panels.

Moreover, a wide range of boxes from 3 to 21 HE and are available in two depths with a large cable entry. The locking system operating from the front of the box guarantees the sealing of the enclosure, while the excellent appearance is achieved by external silk-screen.