Cable tray system

The efficiency and operation of a plant depend on the quality of its constituent elements: in this respect, and in order to deliver a real “complete system”, ETA offers a system of walk-able cable conduits for floor installation.

STURDY construction based on the use of 2.0 mm thick sheet steel for the manufacturing of elements.

SAFETY guaranteed by the 3.0 mm thick checkerplate alloyed aluminium coating, non-slipping and walk-able.

PROTECTION of the cabling system from the conduit and crosspiece front system of the plinth.

MODULAR composition based on elements of different lengths that build up the system and allow to create different combinations.

FLEXIBLE system composition with different modules and connections (star, T-shaped, L-shaped, etc) to meet different installation requirements.

EASY assembling thanks to the element hanging system with quick snap-in mechanism