E DUP – Double Layer Protection

For the first time ever, the cathodic electrocoating process is applied to enclosure spray painting. The system is called E DUP, double protection.

After a thorough study of the various solutions offered by the market, ETA decided to introduce the CATHODIC ELECTROCOATING process for the application of a primer of undisputed chemical and physical properties, to ensure better product performance. The goal is to offer increasingly reliable, performing and suitable solutions for a variety of environments and applications.

The new E DUP treatment – Double Layer Protection – includes a first layer of paint using cathode electrophoresis with epoxy resin and a topcoat of epoxy-polyester thermosetting powder, according to the standard ETA electrostatic cycle (ETA RAL7035, textured, or an entire range of RAL colours vailable upon request).

The highly automated and innovative process has made it possible to obtain results of high qualitative characteristics, reducing the thickness of topcoats and eliminating wasted paint, in full respect of environmental sustainability.

Only ETA makes E DUP: double protection for unique products.