It was 1960 when Antonio Turati founded his company, teaching his children the value of things done with passion and built with effort, respect for people, attention for the needs of others, the pleasure to make things, to design, to hand down your story; in one word… work ethic!

These are the roots and the values that in 1978 originated ETA (Eredi Turati Antonio), a brand with a technological and innovative flavor, which has always been oriented to the future without losing sight of the past, because only if you have deep roots can you look ahead with enthusiasm and energy.

Today, guided by the third generation of the Turati family, ETA is a reliable partner in the international landscape, a company that can provide solutions of undisputable quality addressed to industrial automation, low-voltage energy distribution and information technology.

With flexibility and expertise, ETA supports customers in all stages of design development, from concept to sales, offering the solutions that best meet the requirements of our partners.

ETA’s production departments, a flower in the buttonhole for their undisputed technological standards and drive to innovation, can provide sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum solutions, both standard and customized to dedicated cycles, with delivery deadlines that meet the requirements of Italian and global customers.

ETA is a strong company that really believes in evolution and pursues innovation as the key driver for its growth.

The evolution steps and the spirit that have characterized the group’s history are tangible evidence of the business philosophy that currently guides the ETA team, now part of the Turati family.

Leveraging our experience, we are committed to constant renovation and development, while preserving the values that have always distinguished us: we are a family enterprise that has turned passion into business.

We all believe that a company is a social asset, therefore it must be protected and safeguarded for what it represents for the entire community. We believe there is no distinction between ethic and business, because there is no business strategy that can neglect the consequences of each decision on employees, customers, suppliers and in general everyone who gets in touch with the company.


We really believe that we are qualified and distinguished not by what we do, but by the way we pursue our objectives. In this respect, the values that have always been guiding us can be summed up in five elements:



A core value and a driver of major decisions: leading-edge technology, long-term vision, intuition, investments and new projects


Flexible approach to meet the requirements of an ever-changing market and flexible products to customize standard solutions.


Reliable and competent people to rely on, constantly monitored business operations, certified products resulting from accurate design and production.


We act with a view to economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability with a medium-long term approach.


Intuition, inspiration, passion: these are the values that guide us when we imagine a new product. All of this to offer the best in terms of all-Italian design and quality.

The Management promotes Quality and its principles through the constant improvement of corporate performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of operations, valorization and satisfaction of all the entities and resources for which the company is accountable, including customers, employees, suppliers and the social community involved.

This policy, in line with the strategic goals of the company and appropriate for the dimensions, impact and risks of its business, outlines the commitments that ETA assumes on the basis of its values and objectives:

  • pursue constant improvement
  • by defining clear and measurable objectives and targets on an annual basis
  • by checking results and promoting improvement actions
  • by promoting the monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction
  • ensure legal conformity in all areas of activity
  • by constantly monitoring compliance with applicable standards, including national and international technical standards and specific standards agreed with the customer
  • involve all stakeholders
  • by raising the awareness of workers, suppliers, customers and any stakeholder having legitimate interests in ETA about the goals of the Policy and quality aspects
  • by promoting the awareness and motivation of workers, at all levels, also through training, within a process of continuous performance improvement, in order to make them aware of their tasks and responsibilities within the management system
  • by promoting confrontation and dialog with all stakeholders (workers, customers, suppliers, public authorities, citizens etc.) and taking their requests into account.


The Management acknowledges that the development of a Quality Management System, certified to standard ISO 9001:2015, is a strategic decision for its business and they are involved in the implementation of such commitment, making sure and checking that the Policy is understood, shared, implemented and enacted by all of ETA’s employees and collaborators, as well as shared with all stakeholders. The Policy is reviewed by the Management on a continuous basis to make sure that the staff is aware of the contents and committed to their implementation, and that all stakeholders are constantly informed about ETA’s reference framework and its evolution.


Canzo, March 23, 2018                                                                                                   ALDO TURATI , President and Managing Director

ETA Values and Quality Policy